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This fall will be loaded with anime! Indeed, some like My Hero Academia will make their return, while new ones will begin …

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Blue Lock Voice Actors List

The official website for the anime adaptation of Blue Lock revealed the anime's release date. Along with this announcement, they released the list of Blue Lock Voice Actors.

when is blue lock coming out

If you're wondering when the anime adaptation of Blue Lock will be released, here's everything you need to know about it!

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Yoichi Isagi :

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Blue Lock Synopsis

The manga begins with Japan’s elimination from the 2018 World Cup, prompting the Japan Football Union to launch a scouting program in secondary schools to select players who will train and prepare for the final. 2022 World Cup. Protagonist Yoichi Isagi, an advanced member of his high school team loses the match that could have qualified his team for the Saitama finals, due to not being able to play in the national championships. When he believed all was lost, Yoichi receives an invitation to join the Blue Lock program.

The objective of the Blue Lock coach, Jinpachi Ego, is clear: to detect the single attacker who will crush all his rivals with his talent and his hyper-individualism! For Yoichi Isagi, bubbling player still unknown, there is no alternative… If he wants to survive the highly selective program that awaits him, he will have to abandon the collective game and transcend himself to become the ultimate striker !

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