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blue lock new trailer

Blue Lock New Trailer Announcement

This fall will be loaded with anime! Indeed, some like My Hero Academia will make their return, while new ones will begin their re-entry into the arena of Japanese animation. This is the case of Blue Lock. The anime, which defines itself as an immersion in the ruthless world of sport, has unveiled a new trailer.

blue lock last trailer

A sports anime in two parts

Only two weeks left to discover the first images of Blue Lock! In the meantime, a trailer has been unveiled by the production. The main story is presented there, as well as the characters with whom we will soon meet. On top of that, we have an exclusive anime ending “Winner” performed by Shugo Nakamura. The other information contained in the trailer concerns the broadcast of the anime. The latter will have 24 episodes divided into two parts: from autumn 2022 to winter 2023, then in spring 2023.

A Super Team

For this first season, it is in the premises of the 8-Bit studio that the magic of sport will take place. As for the position of director, it was entrusted to Tetsuaki Watanabe. The artist has already collaborated on several sports anime (Haikyu!!) as a storyboarder or in charge of animation. He was also the director of Powerful Pro Baseball: Powerful Highschool Arc. At his side we find the seiyu Kazuki Ura, Tasuku Kaito, Yuki Ono, Soma Saito, Masatomo Nakazawa and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. They will voice the following characters: Yoichi Isagi, Meguru Bachira, Rensuke Kunigami, Hyoma Chigiri, Wataru Kuon and Jingo Raichi. Blue Lock will be available in simulcast on Crunchyroll.

Blue Lock is a concentrate of sport but also of emotions. The story begins in 2018 after the defeat of the Japanese team at the World Cup. Although dejected, the Football Union recognizes its weaknesses, including the absence of a leading striker in the team. This is how a center is created with the objective of developing the best striker in Japan, the one who will be able to be a real war machine for the team. Such a dream brings together the 300 most dynamic and talented players in the archipelago, including Yoichi Isagi. The high school student who usually plays in collective mode, will have to give up his goodness to gain endurance and the will to win.

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